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Florida is not just a beautiful beach side. Expand your experience while visiting local brewery. Meet the brew master, see beer production, learn about German purity law, and enjoy balanced and drinkable craft beers. You can discover new tastes with our fancy American ales & stouts or choose traditional German lagers.

Flagship Range

Flavorful and balanced, Our Flagship offerings are steady companions year-round.


Social Pilsner


This light-bodied, gold-colored lager is a relative of Bohemian Pilsner adapted to brewing conditions in Germany. Crisp, clean and refreshing beer, showing excellent head retention and elegant floral hop aroma. 

Riot Blood


The beer known as ale was reborn at Khoffner as lager. Easy-drinking, medium-bodied Irish Red lager with smooth mouthfeel and slightly sweetness of malt and caramel.  



Rauch [raukh] means smoked beer in German. Originating in the Franconia region in Southeast Germany, Rauch is medium-bodied lager with creamy and rich taste. The unique and uncommon flavor of smoked beechwood comes from smoked malts, tasting almost like smoked meat or bacon.



Dunkle Oktoberfest / Marzen is a full-bodied, rich, toasty, and smooth Bavarian fest beer with medium carbonation that had been created for autumn and spring celebrations. 

Old School Vienna

ABV 5.5% IBU 21

Enjoy authentic, well balanced, toasty Vienna lager made of Austrian Vienna malts, noble hops, authentic yeast, and of coarse Vienna water profile.


Stepchild NEIPA

ABV 6.5% IBU 90

Hazy, juicy, citrusy with a ripe tropical fruit appearance, smooth flavor and floral aroma. Traditionally drinkable and delicious.

Trigo De Laranja

ABV 6% IBU 27

Sweet but not overwhelming full-bodied wheat red ale was infused with Rhode Island organic maple syrup, and local blood orange puree. We used Mandarina Bavaria single hops to emphasize citrusy and unique flavor of this beer. Great paring with Espinosa Laranja cigar.

Trigo Maduro

ABV 7.3% IBU 45

Dark version of wheat Trigo ale brewed with good amount of roasted Rye malt to add dark chocolate flavor, and infused with Rhode Island organic maple syrup, and local blood orange puree. Created for Esoinisa cigars. Great paring with Espinosa Laranja Maduro.

Cream Head


Smooth, drinkable medium-bodied ale with rich, creamy mouthfeel, light malty aroma, and refreshing and bright hoppy aftertaste.

*Star Chief’s 2016 awarded

Dark Raisin Hefe


We used old traditional recipe to brew bready, soft, fruity and refreshing German wheat-based ale with taste of dark raisins and figs, and wheat bread crumbs aroma.

The Crown

ABV 5% IBU 26

Classic English Brown Ale with gentle malt sweetness, nutty, lightly caramel character, medium-dry finish, and low hop flavor. Based on London water profile.

Olivia’s Wheat

ABV 5.5% IBU 19

Belgian Wheat Ale with a subtly sweet and bright, citrus aroma with a hint of coriander. Truly Floridian taste.

Muscles from Brussels

ABV 9.2% IBU 39

True to style Belgian Tripel. Medium-bodied, high alcohol content without a strong alcohol taste, creamy on the palate, with a bit of hard candy, honey, wheat cracker and grain, ends with a silky malt fullness.


Kremlin Wolf Stout

ABV 8% IBU 52

Rich flavored, full-bodied, and smooth Imperial Stout, with velvety, luscious texture.  

Bubble Bath Stout

ABV 8% IBU 50

Dark, sweet, rich and smooth, full-bodied, roasty stout with impression of bitter chocolate flavor. 


Cinco De Mayo Weekend

Friday – Habanero Mexican Lager release and Beachin’ Tacos Food tuck.

Saturday – “5 Shades of Cream” Beer & Food Pairing Event . Tickets available online and at the taproom.

Thirsty Thursday

$3 Berliner all day long! Inspir-Asian food-truck coming at 4pm.

5 Shades of Cream

Saturday, May 4

Food & Craft Beer Pairing event in collaboration with local food truck Beachin’ Tacos.

Finally, that rare and elusive Monday that we like – Bottomless Beer Monday Mania weekly at Khoffner.

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If you have any comments, would like to place an order or learn more about our beers, please do not hesitate to contact or visit us at the brewery.

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